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20/20 Eye Care is proud to be a supporter of the Optometry Giving Sight organization.  Here is what has been happening in 2020, so far...


Optometry Giving Sight is delighted to support the work of our partner in Mexico, Ver Bien para Aprender Mejor (See Well to Learn Better).

For over 20 years, Ver Bien has been giving sight to public school children by providing glasses to those with uncorrected refractive errors. 
Ver Bien has confirmed that 12% of children attending public schools in Mexico suffer from a refractive error that can easily be corrected. A simple pair of glasses gives these children a chance to stay in school and improve their studies. Support from Optometry Giving Sight, local governments and others makes it all possible.

Ver Bien has delivered more than 5.8 million pairs of glasses to children all across Mexico – many in rural communities without access to eye health services or resources to pay for glasses. Your support of Optometry Giving Sight helps Ver Bien transform lives. You are giving the gift of sight.

For more information please visit our website at Within the next couple of months, we look forward to launching our new website. Stay tuned.

Thank you for your support!