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January is Glaucoma Awareness Month and we at 20/20 Eye Care are joining eye care professionals across Canada in starting the New Year off by raising awareness about this disease that is both symptomless and the leading cause of irreversible vision loss in Canada.

The prevalence of this sight-stealing disease in Canada is between 2.7 and 7.5%, and unfortunately 50% of these cases are undiagnosed. Glaucoma is a family of eye diseases which cause damage to the optic nerve leading to loss of peripheral vision. It can progress to complete loss of vision if not treated and managed. It is more common in people over age 40, and risk increases with age. Individuals with a history of cardiovascular diseases such as diabetes and hypertension, those with a history of injury to their eyes, or family history of glaucoma, are also at greater risk of this eye disease.

Glaucoma is symptomless until it is in an advanced stage. By this time nothing can be done to reverse any vision loss that has occurred. That is why a comprehensive eye examination which can detect this disease in its early stages is so important, even if you don’t wear glasses or feel you are seeing well. We hope raising awareness about this disease will lead to greater detection, earlier treatment and management, and ultimately result in less vision loss due to Glaucoma. At 20/20 Eye Care, Glaucoma screening is performed as part of every comprehensive eye exam, contact us to schedule an eye exam today.

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